Camp Fire


"....and God will restore the years the locusts consumed..." -Joel 2:25

Camp Vandemere is a camp located on the sound of Vandemere, North Carolina. Our camp provides a wide range of creative programs for campers (and counselors!) in need of rest and rejuvenation in Christ. Our activities and offerings are fun, challenging, and accepting of everyone’s abilities. Our staff takes great pride in providing a loving, safe, and welcoming environment for all our campers.

Founded in 1967, the original property consisted of 4.89 acres at a cost of $10,000.00. On November 22, 1987, a symbolic note burning was held during the camp dedication celebration service.

During the first several years of operation, the campers were housed in tents. In 1974, the dorm rooms and the kitchen/dining hall, which served about 120 people, were completed!  The camp was excited to grow even more and help more youth, however, a storm put a halt to our plans.  Hurricane Irene struck August 26-27, 2011, devastating the campground, facilities, and the community of Vandemere. In fact, much of eastern NC suffered destruction from the storm’s high winds, heavy rains, and huge storm surge which caused heavy flooding. Two weeks prior to the storm, the last week of Summer Camp had ended on Aug. 11th. Summer Camp Weeks continued in 2012 & 2013, but because the dorms were destroyed, camps had to be shortened to 3 nights. Because of individuals loaning their RV’s and Home Missions of OFWB & NC Baptist Men loaning bunk units, we didn’t have to sleep in tents! NC Baptist Men also loaned their mobile kitchen, and meals were served outside unless it rained. Then meals were served in the Chapel which served as a multi-purpose building; Chapel, Lobby/Lounge area, Game Room, and Dining Room. Classes were held outside on the piers and other areas.

But in God's mercy, we are back! Due to circumstances beyond our control, there were no Summer Camp Weeks in 2014, and 2017 was the first year our Camp officially opened again full-time.  Camp is now yours to use, and we want you to come see what God has rebuilt for our ministry.  Land preparation is underway to grow bigger and better for God to use us even more.  God is good!


Kids Kayaking


...and Canoes Too!



Always (Almost!) a Bite

Happy girl swimming in pool


Our Refreshing Outdoor Pool

Camp Fire at Night


For Godly Devotions and Marshmallow Roasting

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First-Rate Meals from First-Rate Staff



Air-Conditioned with Beautiful Wrap-Around Porch